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Jira Software and Jira Core

Jira Software is one of the world's leading agile development tools, helping your team plan, track and build great software.

Whilst Jira Core is a task management and project solution for business teams.

Do you need Atlassian Jira help? Some of the projects our GLiNTECH consultants have been involved with include:

  • User provisioning and troubleshooting of system
  • Workflow and custom field configuration
  • Jira server setup and application support
  • Analyse current usage and propose best practice
  • Migration plans and tasks
  • If you have multiple Jira instances, we can help you with our four step process: 
    • Analysis of each teams: Jira structures, function, and usage
    • A matrix of compatibility/similarity between Jira instances
    • A proposed ‘macro view’ structure 
    • And identification of the best Jira instance to be used

And it's not just for software development teams. At GLiNTECH, we use Jira Core right across our business, including HR, Accounts, Sales, Admin and Marketing and have helped other large enterprises achieve the same.

What is Jira Software and Jira Core?

The most common Jira Software functionality allows you to...

  • Capture all your issues in a backlog
  • Assign tasks to anyone in your organisation
  • Comment and collaborate in real-time
  • Monitor your team's performance using burndown charts and information radiators
  • Customise dashboards for fast filtering
  • Import workflows
  • Bring Scrum and Kanban into your project management with Jira Agile
  • Be agile on the go using the mobile interface
  • Get things done faster - you'll spend less time managing and more time doing

The most common Jira Core functionality allows...

  • Business team members to track all work activity for any project
  • Jira admins centralise workflow management solutions for all teams
  • Transparency for all team members
  • Members to create custom filters so any team members can get the information they need
  • Team members to access issues through a simplified navigation and issue type display

Download our latest Little Black Book of Jira Essentials to get started.

GLiNTECH currently service clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and all other major cities in Australia. 
Contact GLiNTECH today on +61 2 9299 3999 and one of our authorised Atlassian Specialists will show you how they can help.

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