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The Little Black Book Of Jira Essentials

A quick guide to Jira Core written by GLiNTECH

In the time it takes you to boil the kettle and find that illusive clean spoon in the office kitchen, you’ll have learnt what Jira is and how it can revolutionise your organisation.

  • Introduction: What is Jira?
  • Chapter 1: Jira Concepts
  • Chapter 2: Working with issues
  • Chapter 3: Reporting
  • Conclusion: GLiNTECH Services



Jira Solutions from award winning Atlassian Experts who care about the whole journey

Our relationship with Atlassian allow us to be the conduit between businesses and other stakeholders like developers. If you’re considering rolling out Jira, you’re probably more attuned to your staff needs than most organisations.

Our team will help you with the complexities of vendor licensing and beyond. Expert Advice doesn't cost extra.