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Portfolio for Jira

For those who are looking to combine agile with long term planning goals, with superb performance for expanding teams, then this is for you!

Portfolio For Jira

Portfolio for Jira Lets You See the Bigger Picture

Customised for Jira, Portfolio for Jira is the last word in planning tools that will allow you to plan, to manage and to report across team multiples and on many different projects concurrently.

Portfolio for Jira allows you to:

  • Accurately estimate delivery with realistic roadmaps that are data-driven

  • Respond with ‘what-if’ contingencies and scenario planning

  • Keep everyone in the loop with status and roll-up reports

You will no longer have to use tools not designed for use with Jira that are tediously difficult to manage, Portfolio for Jira works from existing data that is already within it! 


How companies use Portfolio for Jira to solve problems:

  • Portfolio for Jira allows Jira users to plan, manage and report across multiple teams and projects, and ultimately see the big picture as the single source of truth for the organization.

  • Portfolio for Jira provides smart scheduling, which allows Jira users to see when they can deliver, react to change, and keep everyone on the same page.

  • Portfolio for Jira is framework-agnostic, and enables teams using different project management and software development practices to use their desired approach within a single solution.
  • It's connected to Jira - removes the time and pain associated with disconnected tools.


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