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B2B and Cloud Integration

Software Development is what we do, live and understand. We know that businesses around the world are increasingly enjoying the efficiency of cloud offerings, supplier portals and mobile applications. The difficulty lies in integrating, retaining and distributing your information - not to mention the need for greater security.

GLiNTECH has the proven track record in assisting clients with high volume, predictable delivery, scalable and secure information transfers.

B2B integration

The GLiNTECH team are integration experts. We can help you overcome information silos and orchestrate your entire information transfer environment.

When executed correctly, your information transfer environment should reduce customer onboarding costs, time spent remediating failures and business interruptions. It should allow for self service registration, management monitoring, audit control as well as exception handling, routing and process automation. Whether it involves managing large file transfers or establishing a REST API that defines your company persona on the web, GLINTECH can help you establish the right solution.

Cloud integration

Cloud is the No. 1 area of interest to CIOs around the globe, but many businesses don’t understand how it can best be utilised.

It is essential that IT teams understand how cloud platforms and custom developed applications can sync to their on-premise systems. The main consideration lies in weighing up opportunities for agility and cost-effectiveness against the challenges of privacy, security, reliability and integration. The team at GLiNTECH fully understand the application, service, data and process integration flows and can assist with all cloud challenges faced by enterprises.

GLiNTECH provide services to ensure the best point-to-point cloud integration outcome. For example, we can offer demonstrations of integrating Salesforce together with in-house or external suites like the SAP Business Suite or Oracle CRM, ERP and Financials - all implemented on the cloud with minimal coding.

Efficient messaging within and among enterprises

GLiNTECH has a successful history of creating secure messaging services.

Our team understand mapping, translation and adaptors - as well as financial services standards and security needs. Whether it is File Transfer, a multi-protocol gateway, secure point-to-point messaging between strategic partners, an on-demand service or a specialised gateway like SWIFT, GLiNTECH have seen it before and can help implement it for your business.

Messaging our team are skilled with:

  • IBM MQSeries
  • Oracle AQ
  • TIBCO Rendezvous
  • Vitria Businessware
  • JDBC
  • JMS

On top of these protocols we also offer REST to messaging conversion services.