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Our solutions minimise ongoing maintenance by reducing complexity through the use of clever design. Whether the problem involves complex mapping, canonical model definitions, adapter establishment or real time process monitoring, our highly skilled team can expertly navigate the complexities inherent in integration projects.

Web Services

A company's lifeblood and business is based on the services they offer. Web Services are no different and they require a business to be agile, yet fit for purpose. This places great demands on an interfacing approach and each decision; whether it is REST or SOAP, if you rely on messaging or asynchronous calls, how you manage your vocabulary and use a canonical structure or point-to-point mapping. For example, without a clear forward-thinking design, you may create great services that fail to translate to a mobile platform, or implement an interfacing approach that actually increases development costs.

At GLiNTECH, we have been working with large scale global enterprises for over a decade to deliver flexible, yet well thought out, approaches to delivering Web Services. We are experts in Web Service enablement.

SOA Establishment & Governance

SOA is a principle that continues to evolve. At GLiNTECH, we are always at the forefront of associated concepts for enabling SOA in an enterprise. Whether this starts with defining a Web Services strategy, grows into an ESB, evolves into a vocabulary/canonical structure, matures with a repository and expands with distributed caching and grid computing, we have the expertise.

GLiNTECH have been commissioned by clients to define SOA best practice, including establishing a competency centre for governance and creating enterprise archives. Our first-class reputation is built on implementation success.

ROI on SOA projects

We believe in defining SOA initiatives that are useful, functional and reusable.

To do this, GLiNTECH seeks to engage and build a relationship that bridges the right technology with your specific business needs. For example, we can help to reduce redundant tasks by aligning your SOA strategy alongside your BPM project to identify the services that are most important to your business.

To achieve ROI on SOA projects, we adopt an approach of ‘divide and conquer, then grow incrementally’. We start by mapping out the current systems and selecting a pilot project of manageable scope and visible business value. We then map out a long term plan for the successful corporate evolution of a SOA platform and its governance.