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GLiNTECH can help.

Licence renewal management, transparent pricing and improved payment options are just part of the service.

Expert advice makes your life easier and it doesn’t cost extra.

Payment Terms

Some vendors require cash on delivery (COD) on smaller licences or they have unrealistic payment terms for very large transactions.

We can work directly with your procurement department for better payment terms on all transactions with our list of vendors.

A single itemised invoice

GLiNTECH are partners with vendors who have complimentary software components and we understand how they work together.

We will work with your procurement team to get the right cost effective mix for your specific requirements.

Do you need Docker with Puppet Enterprise? Easy, we can mediate between you and the vendors and invoice you once for both.

All your Atlassian add-ons (both within and outside of the Atlassian marketplace) and implementation services can be bundled into a single itemised invoice with your core Atlassian licences.

Anniversary alignment

Different purchases made at different times mean your organisation’s license renewals don't all come at once.

We work with our vendors to align all your transactions and can even arrange transactions several years in advance.

Preferred payment

We're able to invoice in the currency you prefer (i.e. AUD vs USD), helping reduce conversion fees and potential problems with Credit Card transactions.

Managed licensing

Your number of licenses grows and contracts as users join or leave your business.

We help manage this model and reduce the number of orphaned licenses.


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