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GLiNTECH are on the NSW Government ICT Services Advanced Registered Supplier List

The accreditation, issued by NSW Procurement, means that GLiNTECH is officially endorsed to supply IT solutions to the NSW Government and other eligible customers. Businesses without the accreditation are ineligible to submit tenders or perform services to these organisations. GLiNTECH can be found through the ICT Services Catalogue under item number: GLINTECH-ENTBUSARCH 

As an ICT service provider, we work with many high profile government organisations delivering enterprise software services. GLiNTECH partner with leading software vendors who provide solutions in delivery tooling and methods, middleware, and products built for complex enterprises. 

The different ways we partner depends on the product mix and the relationship. We partner in the ways mentioned below:

  • Service Delivery Partner - we develop new integrations, new capabilities for our select vendor platforms partners. We provide on-site demos, advice on customisations and plug-ins and demonstrate best practice from our team’s customer experience.c
  • Systems Integrator- we help setup, config, tune and maintain deployments of these vendor partners.
  • Value-added reseller - We simplify procurement providing the opportunity to purchase in local currency with a single invoice for multiple vendors.
  • Training Partner - We offer deep-dive technology training for your team as well as small group product seminars to our client base. Agile coaching is part of what we provide when teams purchase agile tools from us to ensure you know how to utilise the tools effectively. We offer agile methods training from the best trainers in Australia as well as private agile training for managers.
  • Support provider - Support with GLiNTECH means you don’t have to worry about your systems downtime or knowing what to do next. We offer timely incident response and advisory services within our support structure. Be safe in the knowledge that a team of subject matter experts are there for you. 
  • Full Service Partner: includes all of the above

Here is a list of GLiNTECH’s vendor/service mix:

  • Atlassian: Full-Service Partner
  • RedHat: Service Delivery Partner, Value-added Reseller
  • IBM: Service Delivery Partner, Systems Integrator, Value-added Reseller, Training Partner
  • Google Cloud: Training Partner
  • Puppet: Service Delivery Partner, Systems Integrator, Value-added Reseller
  • Axis Agile: Training Partner

For more information on how we can assist with your ICT Services needs, please contact one of our Atlassian Experts.


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