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Agile and Java

Because Software Development is what we do, live and understand, we know the importance of using current and proven tools. At GLiNTECH, we constantly evaluate and utilise the newest development tools and methods before we roll them out to our clients.

By following agile software development principles, we respond quickly to change and provide Continuous Improvement through iterative development. Our development teams follow a Collaborative and Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach. In practice, we utilise design patterns to ensure best practice delivery through peer reviews and mentoring.

Our aim is to deliver exceptional working software.

Meet Business Outcomes, as well as Architectural efforts

We know that any new software solution has to be balanced with existing infrastructure and applications. Understanding this helps us meet the needs of your business while balancing the demands of technical best practice.

GLiNTECH have extensive experience with all major vendor Java EE platforms and application frameworks and how they're applied using different tools and methodologies. All our consultants are certified and have substantial experience across the Financial, Manufacturing, Retail and Telecommunication sectors.

What that means is we deliver software that is robust, scalable, maintainable and secure.

The right tools for a tailored solution

A tailored solution ensures your business gets the best possible outcome from your software. That's why our team will adapt our tools, methods and frameworks to suit your custom built and integrated applications.

Our team is experienced in a wide range of tools, methodologies and frameworks. The Java Development Frameworks and tools our team use most frequently include Spring, Hibernate/JPA, JSF, GWT, Eclipse, Maven/ANT and CXF. We also work within a hybrid of methodologies aimed at iterative development cycles, including; ScrumUnified Process (UP) and traditional (for larger programs of work).

Smooth integration of past and present code

During implementation, the software development team at GLiNTECH use Automated Deployment, Code Audit,  Continuous Integration and Unit and Automated Testing tools. This ensures the code base is stable and that each piece of subsequent code we develop integrates smoothly with your existing code.