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Modern ITSM

Every software company is fundamentally becoming a service company.
We live in a services first world and IT sits right at the centre of this transformation.

Today’s customers want fast, flawless service and IT teams are under pressure to efficiently deliver that service, while cutting costs and demonstrating value.
In response, IT teams are switching to leaner, more agile approaches that value ease of use, collaboration, and knowledge sharing over complex, inflexible workflows.

Applying lean and agile principles to ITSM can help IT teams gain efficiencies, stay nimble, and focus on services that deliver business value.
That requires agility in the tool you use too.

The problem with legacy systems

Traditional ITSM tools tend to be heavy and rigid with no ability to customise, which makes them challenging to adapt to the needs of modern IT teams.

There also tends to be different tools for the various IT processes (or a modular approach) which creates barriers, silos and a general lack of visibility across teams – ultimately stifling collaboration and innovation.

We also find that ITSM tools usually aren’t integrated with the software developers tools so IT teams lack the ability to coordinate with dev teams, can’t link support issues with the dev backlog and have no visibility when issues are escalated.

The answer...

Adopt GLiNTECH ITSM solutions to improve, expedite and automate your ITSM issues.

To learn more about our solutions contact us at (02) 9299 3999 or fill in this form for an Account Manager to contact you.

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