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Keeping track

IT asset management is the process of ensuring your company assets are accounted for, deployed, maintained, upgraded, and disposed of when the time comes.

We’re not talking about inventory on a store shelf. We’re talking about a company’s tangible assets that are used in business operations. IT assets like Laptops and phones, or software and releases.

I've got a spreadsheet

Spreadsheets are still one of the most the most common ways that companies start tracking what they own.

The problem is that they don't stay accurate for long and they become unwieldy fast! And that's assuming you can keep up with the pace of change at your company.

Simply put, spreadsheets aren't up to the job.

'Proper' Asset Management

Asset management with Jira and Inisght help you to properly track your assets, but more than that they let you respond faster and make better decisions.

They increase governance, reduce operational risk and improve asset utilisation with proactive asset management. Insight provides dependency mapping and proper impact analysis.

And best of all we integrate Insight with Jira Service Desk to enable asset selection in the customer portal! When users report a problem with their laptop, you know the model, OS, and software they have off the bat.


  • A solution that scales
  • Respond faster and make better decisions
  • Integrates with Jira Service Desk
  • Object graph shows relationships in real time

Get up and running. Fast!

GliNTECH are experts in asset management and have deployed solutions for companies of all sizes.

We'll work with you to understand your current needs and pain-points, then translate these into the optimal asset management solution.

Then we'll bring our years of experience and insider know-how to automate and integrate Insight into your business - giving you the control and insight you need!

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