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Managed Services Tiers

Your team of GLiNTECH experts on-demand

Managed Services Pricing and Tiers

Review the main features of each tier below


Our most flexible offering for teams needing ad-hoc support and admin services.


✓  On Demand Support & Admin Services

✓  Streamlined Portal Access (5 named users)

✓  Pay for What You Use (15 min increments)

✓  Enterprise Service Level Agreements

✓  Use hours for GLiNTECH Training & Consulting

Price (AUD)

  • 20 hours: $5,500  (+GST)
  • 50 hours: $12,500  (+GST)
  • Purchased in 20 and 50 hour packs


For organisations looking to fulfil next level administration, governance and planning needs


 Dedicated Technical Account Management

 Triage (review & approval) workflow capability

 Expanded Custom Portal Access (10 named users)

 Access to 240 hours of Support & Admin Services

 Purchase Additional Hours in 20 or 50 hour packs

Price (AUD)

  • 12 months: $60,000  (+GST)
  • Purchased as an Annual Agreement


For large scale organisations covering more complex needs as well as complete outsourced models

Customised features, including:

  Global 24x7 Offering

  Dedicated Managed Services Team

  Data Integrity, Sovereignty and Security Needs

  Expanded Services Catalogue Needs

  ISO9001/27001, GDPR, HIPPA Compliance Needs

Price (AUD)

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