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End-to-end Visibility

Software Development is what we do, live and understand. And our experience tells us there are recurring trends that many IT companies do not acknowledge. These relate to traceability, communication and visibility of IT projects between developers and a business. In other words, end-to-end visibility.

Our own research has shown that no matter what development methodology and application tools are used, there is always a chance for gaps to exist. Measuring and resolving these gaps is what we know.

The ALM Maturity Assessment

Your ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) maturity is derived from how effectively your organisation manages people, systems and processes while continuously analysing and optimising outcomes.

At GLiNTECH, we’ve developed an ALM Maturity Assessment which reviews your organisation’s approach to tooling, knowledge and process measurement metrics. Adapted from best practice principles, our assessment is aimed at giving CIO’s and those at an executive level a clear and impartial view of what is happening across their systems and processes. We can show where gaps exist and where improvements can be made.

The ALM Discovery Workshop

GLiNTECH’s ALM Discovery Workshop isn’t designed to tell you about improvements you don’t need. Instead, our approach involves simply mapping your current standards against your expectations, then helping find the best way forward for your team.

Because we benchmark ourselves against the best industry standards, we’re well-placed to determine where your organisation sits relative to your industry’s standards. The ALM Discovery Workshop, which also includes an ALM Maturity Assessment, will provide you with:

·         An assessment of systematic areas associated with application development
·         Clear definition of where you would like to mature
·         A roadmap of quick wins
·         An outline of strategic areas to evolve and suggested metrics

Measure, Analyse and Optimise outcomes

There’s little use in implementing change if it isn’t monitored properly. That’s why successful ALM should target key areas of traceability, communication and visibility.  By focusing on those areas, we ensure your CIO, project leaders and managers can track progress as it happens and act quickly. And by continuously reviewing, analysing and highlighting any gaps, we help you to save time, money and resources.

The net result is an evolution in your ALM maturity.

The Agile PMO

Within organisations - even within teams - there are allegiances and loyalties to different development and testing tools which can make it difficult for a project management officer (PMO) to monitor and implement change. But clear visibility is a necessity.
To have a truly agile ALM, your data needs to come from automated live data sources. GLiNTECH can recommend the right software to consolidate your team’s progress and governance, no matter what tools are used.

By collating, integrating and tracking live information from your teams, we can expedite automation of reporting and customised dashboards, as well as enhancing offerings further by adding or creating new plug-ins.

These solutions mean your team’s development and testing isn’t slowed down by administration or waiting times. These solutions mean your PMO can be truly agile.