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Enterprise Portals


GLiNTECH are a team of integration experts. We map disparate back-end systems to your front-end portal for display, search and update capabilities that are defined by your business. And if your requirements are new, our software development team can create customised applications, or Portlets.

Our comprehensive SOA and Web Services ensure that all your Portal-based integration is done in a scalable and structured manner.


Our portal solutions help you gain greater control of your enterprise. Through the use of dashboards, you can manage content and monitor statistics in real-time, allowing you to immediately identify parts of your business that require attention. This will help you to accelerate the production and presentation of content.

With dashboards to access all your systems from a single point, you’ll spend less time looking for information and more time using it to identify and capture new opportunities. Our dashboards are richengaging and have an emphasis on usability, meaning they are customisable to your requirements.


We believe in solutions with a single access point and single login - sign in once and access all your systems and services from one place, including your mobile. This frees you up to concentrate on more important things, like managing your information.

We understand that different users need access to different parts of a system, without compromising the overall security of the system. Regardless of how many users your system has, or how many are using it at any given time, we can tailor your system so that the right people have the right privileges.

No matter where you are located, how many offices you have or where in the world they may be, our Portal solutions give you the ability to stay in control.