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Administrator Courses

Become an expert at configuring projects, permissions, spaces and more


Includes Certification Exam

Managing Jira Cloud Projects 

Learn how to manage and configure classic projects in Jira Cloud and partner effectively with Jira Administrators.

Jira Administration Part 1

Set up a new Atlassian cloud site and Jira Cloud products and get a solid introduction to site configuration.

Jira Administration Part 2

Explore more complex schemes, more workflow configuration, as well as board and sprint permissions for company-managed projects.

Managing Jira Service Projects

Get a solid introduction to getting a service desk up and running using Jira Service Management.

Jira Automation

Automation in Jira Cloud allows you to create automation rules based on dozens of triggers.

Getting More from Jira Workflows

Discover advanced workflow features like conditions, validators, post functions, triggers, and commonly used status and transition properties.

Confluence Administration

Everything you need to effectively configure and maintain a Confluence instance.