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IT Asset Management 

How do you keep control?

How do you ensure your company assets are all accounted for, deployed correctly, maintained, upgraded and valid?

For an IT team this covers everything from laptops and phones, to software licenses, mobile phones and all the other equipment given to employees for their jobs.

With constant changes in staff onboarding and offboarding, new tools being used and updated licences it's a l lot to manage; yet, the most common solution we see is a spreadsheet.

Why is this a problem?

Spreadsheets simply don't provide the power an control needed for asset management. They don't allow any shared, real-time access so that anyone can update or see the data.

The can't be linked to an employees service requests to inform the support team of that individuals hardware and software assets.

And importantly, they can't provide any effective asset management, which should be a huge cost savings for companies.

Benefits of using Jira for IT Asset Management

  • Query Jira for asset location and always know where your assets are
  • AWS integration and on-premise discovery tools make data import and upkeep are automated.
  • Simplify the employee onboarding and offboarding process
  • Ensure you're not paying for software licences that aren't being used
  • Determine how long someone has had their hardware to forecast future hardware replacements.
  • Build custom workflows for the different types of asset in your organisation.

How can GLiNTECH help? 

We have years of experience helping organisations leverage Atlassian products for use in asset tracking and management.

Using Jira's flexible issue types and workflow engine alongside the Insight Asset Management app, we create a source of truth for your asset management needs.

We've learned from experience and created optimal workflows and configurations, ready for rapid deployment.

We'll also train your team to make sure you get the most from your new solution.

Ready to get started?

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