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Business Challenge

You're a busy professional working in human resources or people and development. From on-boarding to off-boarding and everything in between, you're trying to get more done with fewer resources. Your organisation is exploring solutions or HR automation software to help you track, manage and automate more aspects of the manual tasks you do so that you can focus on higher value activities.

The Solution

A packaged HR process automation solution that helps professionals like you track, manage and automate the human capital function. Leverage advanced workflow management, document automation, email reminders, reporting functionality and other features.

Employee On-boarding

Streamline the way you interview, select, hire and on-board new employees at your organisation. Employees in certain roles can be on-boarded at scale with consistent orientation and training sessions and everything else your organisation does.

Employee Management

Manage employee requests for annual leave, sick leave, working from home arrangements and more using automated workflows. Accelerate approval workflows to the right people at the right time to save time and costs.

Employee Off-boarding

Streamline the way you manage the off-boarding process for old employees at your organisation. Drive greater efficiency by standardising the HR process, even across a large number of off-boarded employees.

Contractor Management

Automate HR contractor engagement and management throughout the life cycle of their engagement. Accelerate approval workflows to the right people at the right time to save time and costs.

Performance Appraisals

Automate more aspects of your employee evaluation process and gather actionable feedback from your employees during their employment at your organisation.

Employee Satisfaction and feedback

Automate employee satisfaction surveys and provide a self service portal for actionable employee feedback on your organisation. Build morale in your organisation by ensuring feedback gets feed to the correct stakeholders at the right time.