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Getting more from Confluence

On this Confluence training course, you'll learn advanced user and administration tasks to help succeed when implementing Confluence in your organisation. Continuing from the Getting Started with Confluence course, you'll explore macros and add-ons as a way to create rich content in Confluence. You’ll also learn to create tables and use other expert-level content creation tools, getting hands-on experience working with blueprints and modifying templates for organisational use.

In addition to learning about power-user features, you'll have opportunities to learn how to set up and administer spaces in Confluence. As part of that process, you’ll learn how to manage users and permissions both within a space and across spaces. Having completed this class, you'll be able to configure the look and feel of a space to meet the needs of your organization.

Using the advanced features covered in this course, you'll be able to use Confluence to its fullest extent. You’ll be ready to act as a resource within the organisation during the Confluence adoption phase and beyond, as team members create content and collaborate with co-workers.

What's covered in the course?

  • Advanced content creation
  • Spaces and personal spaces
  • Macros and add-ons
  • Space and global administration
  • Configuration options
  • Users
  • Permissions

Who should attend?

Individuals who have completed Getting Started with Confluence, or have equivalent experience working with Confluence.


This course is organised and led by GLiNTECH and their instructors. It's live and runs for 3.5 hours, including extensive hands-on exercises, polls and Q&A interactivity is encouraged. 


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 Note: GLiNTECH run training prices are in $AUD and excludes GST

GLiNTECH trainers are certified Atlassian Trainers.

To learn more about the Getting more from Confluence course contact us on (02) 9299 3999 or filling in this form below and a GLiNTECH expert will contact you...

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