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Jira Essentials Course- Hands-on training 



GLiNTECH will be offering certified Atlassian training courses in our Sydney location. 
Immerse yourself and your team with our Jira hands-on and face-to-face course. Gain experience working with the Jira application by performing the most common tasks. In this course you'll work through real-life scenarios using a pre-configured instance of Jira.

By logging into Jira as users with various job roles and Jira roles, you'll gain an understanding of who typically performs which tasks and why.

After attending this course, you'll understand the basics of managing and tracking team issues and projects. You'll return to your job with increased confidence and a better command of often-used Jira’s features.

What's covered in the course?

  • What is Jira?

  • Jira roles

  • Navigating Jira

  • Issues hierarchy

  • Managing issues

  • Workflow concepts

  • Version management

  • Enhancing Jira

Who should attend?

This course is designed for novice or new Jira users, Product Managers, Project Administrators, Jira Application Admins, System Admins. Jira experience or issue tracking systems is not required.

This class is a prerequisite for all other Jira courses: Jira Application Admin, Jira Agile, Jira Advanced Workflows, Jira JQL, Jira/Confluence Integration and more to come.


This course is organised and led by GLiNTECH and their instructors. It's live and runs for 3.5 hours, including extensive hands-on exercises, polls and Q&A interactivity is encouraged. 



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