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  • Combine the power of JIRA with the simplicity of JIRA Software to give your teams a quick and easy way to monitor their workload.

  • Jira Agile (is now JIRA Software)
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Atlassian JIRA Software

JIRA Software (JIRA Agile) enhances agile project management to any project. Its features allow you to see progressive improvements and visualise your existing process.

With JIRA Software you can...

  • Quickly and easily visualise your team's progress through drag and drop planning
  • Create and estimate stories
  • Build sprint backlogs and drag items to reorder the backlog
  • Report on your progress

With user-friendly Drag & Drop functionality, there's no easier way to make your business agile.

Make your JIRA experience even more powerful with Atlassian JIRA Service Desk