Enterprise Software Services

Supporting your development teams to service the whole Enterprise. 
GLiNTECH specialise in software development and training. We help Enterprises build, implement, deploy, optimise and integrate.


Award winning Experts who care about the whole journey. 

Our relationship with Atlassian, IBM, Redhat and key industry players allow us to be the conduit between businesses and developers.
Expert Advice doesn't cost extra. Our team will help you with the complexities of vendor licensing and beyond.


Our customers think our team are great. You will too!

Our consultants satisfy all your needs for Front-end developers, Java developers, DevOps and Scrum Masters.

We believe in thorough training and cultural fit. Talk to our Services team to help match the right GLiNTECH consultant to your organisation.

Or let us get your team up to speed with our Atlassian and Scrum Training

Scrum master, Atlassian courses, Agile practices and vendor specific courses are currently running. Time to enhance your team's skills to better service your Enterprise.