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  • Let your users get on with their work while you get on with yours.

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JIRA Service Desk collects issues quickly and easily, letting you manage them with ease then report back in detail.

With Service Desk you can also...

  • Submit requests quickly using the intuitive customer portal
  • Connect your Service Desk to the knowledge base in Confluence
  • Use recommended articles to get answers before questions are even raised
  • Set up new Knowledge Bases
  • Use out of the box SLAs - or configure your own
  • Measure time to first response, time to resolution and time waiting for support
  • Create SLA targets for different issue types using JQL
  • Transform your customer requests directly into JIRA issues
  • Use JQL to easily configure your queues
  • Automate the prioritisation of your requests
  • Make use of real-time reporting
  • Customise the look and feel


WATCH OUR JIRA Service Desk Workshop recording by clicking the link below.






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