GLiNTECH joins Valiantys to extend their global reach within the Atlassian Partner landscape


GLiNTECH’s strategic goal has consistently been to grow in a scalable and sustainable way while continuing to ensure the best support for its customers. Following this vision, today GLiNTECH is announcing the next stage in its 23-year history. GLiNTECH and Valiantys are joining together to reinforce its leading position as a specialized global leader for Atlassian solutions, all working to ensure customers achieve positive outcomes and get greater value out of their Atlassian tools.

The Directors at GLiNTECH considered Valiantys the best possible fit for their growth strategy due to their focus in Europe and North America and their cultural alignment. Additionally, the GLiNTECH team have previously combined their expertise with Valiantys on joint global customers over recent years, laying the foundation for a shared collaborative history.

“Both Valiantys and GLiNTECH are extremely successful Atlassian Platinum partners in our respective markets. Coming together means we are going to deliver even greater outcomes to our combined customer base and beyond. Together we are the clear global leader” said Dimitri Spyridopoulos, Chief Executive Officer at GLiNTECH.

Valiantys is a recognized Agile at Scale, ITSM, and Cloud Specialized Atlassian Partner and a 12-time winner of Atlassian’s Partner of the Year Award. Over the last 15 years, Valiantys has helped more than 5,000 customers achieve their desired business outcomes at a reduced time to value, through improved team collaboration. More information about Valiantys can be found at

This change opens up tremendous market potential, enabling the combined businesses to extend their market leadership further into the Asia-Pacific region and be better equipped to provide Atlassian-specific capabilities, leading practices, and specialised skills to customers in previously untapped regions, such as New Zealand, Singapore, and beyond.

What does this mean for GLiNTECH’s customers? Nothing will change. The people our customers are used to working with will continue to be the first point of contact, with the team providing the same professional and industry-leading expertise. Additionally, all senior leadership and current staff will continue at GLiNTECH as the organisation grows within the region.

Further down the path as the two businesses come together as a single entity, GLiNTECH will become “GLiNTECH - a Valiantys Company”, enabling:

  1. Enhanced capabilities for multi-national customers - As a combined powerhouse, we can provide better outcomes in multiple regions and languages, and access to greater technical expertise and business advisors.
  2. Collective expertise and innovation - The combined entity positions itself as the hub for sharing capabilities and implementation packages, ensuring that customers benefit from Atlassian expertise and innovative, cutting-edge solutions.
  3. Cost-effective offshore deployment with premium offerings - The consolidation allows Valiantys to seamlessly integrate multi-region, cost-effective (offshore) solutions into premium offerings, providing 24/7 support without compromising the quality of service.

GLiNTECH’s team is excited and is looking forward to this new stage in the company’s history. Valiantys has released a press release which contains further details here. With GLiNTECH, Valiantys reinforces its leading position as a specialised global leader for Atlassian solutions. GLiNTECH customers will receive formal notification in the coming days, however, if you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to your Account Manager.