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Last Revision: 20 Oct 2020

 1. Service Level Agreement

GLiNTECH will respond to issues based on Issue Type/Level within the following timeframes:

Issue Types




Time to response*

Report an Issue (Incident)


Complete Outage of Application Server is down



Significant performance degradation

A heavily used addon is not functioning, preventing many users from using major functionality



Minor performance degradation and a workaround is available

A workflow automation rule is not working as intended



A Minor cosmetic issue, or a minor issue affecting one or a small number of users

Customisation addon is not displaying a page correctly


Ask a Question


A question or query

Inquiring about an addon required to fill a functionality gap


Planned Upgrades or Changes (Change Request)


A change required for a system

Workflow changes


* To be conducted within the bounds of Business hours, Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm Australian Eastern Standard/Daylight Time.  National public holidays are also excluded.

2. Managed Service overview:

  • The scope of the managed service, relates to the reasonable endeavours support, which may include:
    • Atlassian authored software (Jira, Confluence) deployed as Server, Data Centre or Atlassian Cloud offerings
    • Atlassian plugins
    • Atlassian marketplace third party plugins
    • The supporting eco system of infrastructure (i.e. AWS, Azure, Windows, Linux, Active Directory LDAP)
  • All managed services will be conducted via the GLITECH provisioned Customer Portal (correspondences raised as tickets via https://my.glintech.com). User documentation will be provided which details the managed support processes.
  • GLiNTECH will make available details relating to an ongoing balance of hours for time remaining.
  • Estimates are provided for tasks that are generally more complex (greater than 4 hours to perform), and await authorisation from the client to proceed. Tasks that typically take 8 hours or more are best suited to Consulting Services (not Managed Services) and therefore need to be treated differently (e.g. scheduled for a mutually agreeable time).  

  • The following conditions will apply:
  • This is a time and materials (T&M) engagement, where work performed is allocated against the agreed ‘Quantity’ drawn down in 15 minute increments. This extends to issue type ‘Incidents’ and ‘Change Requests’,  ‘Ask a question’ is intended for simple questions (with a short paragraph reply in length) and are exempt from draw down (for the avoidance of doubt the client can raise this issue type without incurring a managed service cost).
  • The full contract value will be invoiced upon issuance of a Purchase Order.
  • Payment is non-refundable and any outstanding funds not consumed by within 12 months of invoice, will expire.
  • A remaining ‘Quantity’ of hours can be re-allocated to their equivalent monetary value in either GLINTECH Consulting at the standard daily rate or Training Services (subject to GLINTECH approval)
  • At the completion of the allotted ‘Quantity’, GLINTECH at it’s sole discretion will either continue or cease to provide any further support until such time that further commercial arrangements have been established. Any work performed during this time will be attributed directly to the next commercial arrangement in arrears. 
  • Work outside of standard hours can be provided with written approval, by mutual agreement and on a reasonable endeavours basis, were this is the case the following rates apply:

Hours (AEST)

Rate (AUD, ex GST)

Standard Hours

Monday - Friday; 9am - 5pm

Standard Draw Down Rate

Extended Hours

Monday - Friday; 6am - 9am

Monday - Friday; 5pm - 12am

2.0x Standard Draw Down Rate

(e.g. 15 minutes of time served is draw down as 30 minutes of the allotted Quantity)

Public Holidays & Weekends

2.5x Standard Draw Down Rate

(e.g. 15 minutes of time served is draw down as 37.5 minutes of the allotted Quantity)

Anytime outside of the above

3.0x Standard Draw Down Rate

(e.g. 15 minutes of time served is draw down as 45 minutes of the allotted Quantity)