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Atlassian Marketplace

Atlassian Marketplace Apps are designed to help your business make the most from your Atlassian investments, but there can be so many to choose from.

With a proven history in developing our own in-house Atlassian Marketplace Apps as well as well as deep connections to other App Developers within the Atlassian ecosystem, our consulting team is well placed to advise on suitable enhancements for your Atlassian products.

Take your Atlassian products to the next level

Atlassian’s core products (Jira and Confluence) are recognised as extremely effective productivity tools, combining them with the right Atlassian Marketplace App can rapidly accelerate the time to value from your investment. Some of the ways that Marketplace Apps can help are:

  • Automating common tasks
  • Security enhancements
  • Time tracking capabilities
  • Enhanced design tools
  • Testing Management
  • Integration to 3rd party platforms
  • Custom field creation

And much more. Find out how GLiNTECH can help your business navigate the many Atlassian Marketplace Apps available and leverage our expertise to get the best value for your organisation.

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