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BLiPS: The GLiNTECH Indoor Positioning System

The GLiNTECH R&D developers worked with IBM Worklight to create BLiPS, a mobile application that maps indoor spaces, like a shopping centre or office, in order to determine your location. Now you can have a customised, secure app for your customers and staff to help them navigate your organisation’s floor plans. 

BLiPS determines location by scanning for WiFi signals near your mobile device at any given point. For example, when you enter a building, the app will scan for the nearest signals. Because a WiFi signal weakens when the distance between the device and the Access Point (AP) is increased, depending on the relative strength and position, it becomes possible to calculate how far the AP is from the device. Once your position has been determined, it is illustrated on an on-screen map. 

This application can scale to multi-level buildings and can be cross platform.

Note: This app was developed as a technology showcase for DEMONSTRATION purposes and currently only supports the HTC Desire Z series device. Please contact us if you would like a live demonstration.