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Atlassian announces important updates to Server and Data Center pricing and products

12th January, 2023
Karina Stratton, Sales Administration, Team Leader

Atlassian recently announced price changes for some of their Server and Data Center products, effective 15 February 2023. As this date is fast approaching, we have identified a list of questions and answers that will assist you in how you can manage the upcoming changes and our recommendations on next steps.

What is changing?

Effective 15th February, Atlassian will make the following changes to Jira Software and Confluence products: 

Am I Impacted by this change?

You will be impacted if you are:

How do I know if I'm on an advantaged pricing plan?

If you're not sure of your current price point, GLiNTECH can advise you of your plan and any upcoming increases.

What options do I have?

You have three options! 

Option 1: Renew your licenses now

If you wish to renew your Data Center or Server licensing before the price increase, let us know and we'll provide you with a quote at the current pricing. To lock it in, you will need to issue a purchase order by 15 March 2023 and make payment within net 7 days. 

Option 2: Renew your Data Center licenses for up to 24 months

To lock in the current pricing, you can request a 24 month quote for new Data Center licensing and renewals (Atlassian quoting terms and conditions apply).

Option 3: Reach out to us to discuss your options to migrate to cloud!

If you are currently on Server (or Data Center) and would like to chat to us about Cloud migration options, reach out to us before our consultants books out!

Is there anything else I should know to secure current pricing?

Atlassian pricing is complex and there may be other considerations that can help reduce your costs, please reach out to our team if you require any advice on the changes.