Atlassian launches Jira Service Management


The news is out - Jira Service Management is here, the result of a complete overhaul of Jira Service Desk by Atlassian as they push forward in the evolution of the ITSM market.

Atlassian and GLiNTECH understand the obstacles posed by ageing ITSM tools that too often enforce rigid processes and outdated ways of working. With Jira Service Management, we can help you overcome these issues, enabling the smooth flow of work between developer, operations and business teams.

Here, we give you a rundown of the main features of Jira Service Management, what you need to look out for and the timeline of changes. And we will explain how JSM can drive the modernisation of your company’s ITSM, enabling collaboration at high velocity, and allowing your teams to respond to changes quickly and deliver great service experiences.


With workflows that are outdated, traditional ITSM tooling puts the brakes on transformation - it’s inflexible to dynamic business, reinforces siloed knowledge and sharing, and imposes friction across teams. Jira Service Management was developed with specific Agile and DevOps goals in mind: move fast, work in small batches, break down silos, automate where you can. And JSM achieves those goals, while also unifying development, IT operations and business teams.


Empowers teams to deliver value quickly - flexible processes and intuitive workflows to match the way your teams work

Increases visibility - the open, collaborative platform allows for greater teamwork and quicker decision-making for requests, incidents, problems and more

Increases flow from Dev to Ops - development and operations are on an integrated platform


GLiNTECH recently sponsored a Team Tour session featuring Ravi Tharisayi - Head of Product Marketing - ITSM Solutions at Atlassian, as he explains some of Jira Service Management’s capabilities and roadmap.


Modern incident and problem management

Atlassian have taken Opsgenie’s on-call scheduling, alerting and incident swarming and built them into JSM. Highlights are:

  • Major incident collaboration and communication
  • Investigation and response automation
  • Incident investigation dashboard
  • Postmortem reports and export to Confluence

Change management

JSM makes it possible to understand changes and innovate faster with integrations into modern software workflows.

  • Automatic change requests from Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tools, such as Bitbucket Pipelines
  • Deployment gating and control from change requests
  • Automated risk assessment engine

Intuitive experiences

Diverse teams - from IT to HR to legal and more - will be able to manage, route and triage work easily. New features like bulk ticket actions and machine learning capabilities help you work smarter and faster by intelligently grouping similar requests.

Coming soon…

Jira Service Management will include:

  • asset and configuration management, powered by Mindville Insight
  • Conversational ticketing capabilities, through an integration with Halp


November 2020

  • JSM to be available in Free, Standard, Premium and Enterprise for Cloud
  • Opsgenie functionality available as part of JSM Cloud (Although it can still be purchased and used as a separate product)


  • Mindville Insight to be integrated into Jira Service Management
  • Opsgenie experience unified to JSM
  • Halp free functionality added to JSM

With Jira Service Management, Atlassian’s aim is to empower everyone to deliver their work with agility and GLiNTECH is here to ensure our clients are well-informed and up-to-date.

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