Atlassian Data Residency in Australia


In great news for local customers, Atlassian recently announced that data residency is now available in Australia.

The move follows on from an announcement that data residency is now also available for customers on Standard and Premium cloud plans, which means more organisations can securely manage their data in a location of their choosing, giving them more flexibility over data storage and supporting their compliance needs.

Let’s take a closer look at what this means.

What is data residency and what does it mean for me?

Data residency gives you control over where your user-generated content is stored, allowing you to choose whether it’s globally distributed or kept within a specific geographic location, eg. the US, EU or Australia.

Companies in regulated industries like finance, government or healthcare may need data residency to operate in a cloud environment due to local regulatory compliance requirements.

The addition of Australia as a region for data residency is a significant move - the inability to store data locally has, in the past, been a dealbreaker for some Australian organisations in moving to the cloud but this development effectively resolves those issues.

Which customers will benefit?

Data residency has been made available for customers on Standard and Premium cloud plans for Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Confluence. Previously only Enterprise cloud customers had access to the data residency feature.

Australian organisations, specifically, will also benefit, able to meet their security and compliance needs by now storing their data in Australia.

Where can I choose to pin data?

Customers can choose to pin their data either globally or within three specific locations - Europe, the US, or Australia. Please note some marketplace apps can differ

How do I enable data residency in Australia?

For all Standard and Premium subscriptions, there is a phased roll-out of the data residency feature beginning this month (October), and it will be enabled automatically. You can then opt to have your product data hosted in Australia via Atlassian’s cloud admin hub, under Security > Data Residency.

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