Introducing the Jira Server mobile app for iOS and Android


Introducing the Jira Server mobile app for iOS and Android

Atlassian has just introduced the much-anticipated Jira Server mobile app. After months of tireless development and industry rumours, the Jira Server mobile app for iOS and Android is now available with the release of Jira Server & Data Center 8.3. This will be ever more important as work migrates from the desktop to remote work.

Embrace the future of work

The Jira Server mobile app allows you to track, manage, and create tickets from Jira. The app's features include:

  • Real-time visibility - Keep on top of projects, with the Jira Server mobile app allowing you to track and manage your team from any iOS or Android device the same way as you would with the desktop version of Jira.

  • Management capabilities - The Jira mobile app enables you to track and transition work through intuitive status updates. You can create and edit any aspect of any project with ease.
  • Immediate response - You can edit and update issues as soon as they arise, with the Jira mobile app designed to respond immediately. You can react to comments and update tickets from anywhere at any time.

  • Collaboration - The future of work relies on agile and flexible collaboration. The world won't wait until you get to the office, with the Jira mobile app allowing you to create issues, add comments, and keep your team in the loop at all times.

Getting started with the Jira mobile app

The Jira mobile app has just launched and is now available for both the Server and Data Center. While support for the Jira Service Desk is not currently implemented, both Jira Core and Jira Software are supported. In order to access the app and take advantage of this new development, you will need to upgrade to Jira Software 8.3 or Jira Core 8.3.

A wide range of mobile devices will be supported on release, including all current and recent generation iOS and Android devices. iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches will require iOS 12 or later, with Android phones and tablets needing Android 5.0 or later (Lollipop). If you already have the app, you will need to update your Jira instance, remove the app, and download the most recent version from the App Store or Play Store.

For more information check out the original Jira Software 8.3 release notes & Atlassian announcement.

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