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Moving to the Atlassian Cloud?

We've compiled some of Atlassian's best Cloud resources to help guide you on your migration journey.
Ensure you have the very latest information to get it right first time – chat to the Atlassian Cloud Specialised GLiNTECH team for tips and advice on avoiding the pitfalls. 

What is Atlassian Cloud?
Rather than installing and maintaining Atlassian products on your own servers, with cloud, Atlassian hosts, sets up, secures and maintains your products in the cloud for you.
Enterprises are making the move to Atlassian Cloud today to future proof their business and innovate, avoid downtime and infrastructure issues and increase return on investment
The 5 key reasons to move: 
  1. Scalability 
  2. Increase in Profits
  3. Improved Speed & Performance 
  4. Increased Productivity
  5. Future Proof your teams
Learn more on why top enterprises workloads will be in the cloud in the White paper below. 

FACT: Enterprises are saying goodbye to self-managed solutions and migrating to Atlassian Cloud. 
Read why enterprises are saying goodbye to self managed solutions and migrating to Atlassian Cloud with this e-book. In this guide you will find: 
  • The advantages of adopting SaaS
  • How Atlassian's Cloud Solutions are different from Server ones
  • Why enterprises are making the move

This guide for IT admins provides a side-by-side comparison of Atlassian Server and Cloud administration in four key areas.
  • What changes when you become a cloud admin?
  • How does the experience compare to what you’re doing today?
  • What can you expect when managing Atlassian cloud products across your organisation?
This guide will walk you through:
  • Administering your instances and teams
  • Onboarding your teams
  • Upgrading your instances
  • Maintaining your security position