Recommendations on navigating Atlassian's Cloud price changes


Atlassian announced a price increase for some of their Cloud products, effective 12th October 2021.

This price update is reflective of Atlassian's continued investment in their Cloud products so that your teams can continue to get the most out of their tools. To help you make sense of it all, check out our summary of what's changing along with our advice on how to minimise your next bill.

Summary of Atlassian’s Announcement

Atlassian has increased pricing for products currently on 'list pricing' and certain products on 'advantaged pricing'.

  • List Prices are regular retail price (typically for new purchases)
  • Advantaged Pricing is grandfathered price plans that customers who purchased Cloud before a specific date have received

Not sure what pricing you're on?

To find out if you're on list or advantaged pricing, you can:

  • Ask us to look it up for you. Reach out via your Account Manager or Contact Us
  • Ask Atlassian via a support ticket 
  • Look at your latest invoice from Atlassian. If your renewal was less than the current prices listed for Cloud Standard & Premium, you're on advantaged pricing. The current pricing can be found here

Our Recommendations


Additional Considerations

  • All quotes generated after 12th October 2021 will reflect new FY22 pricing
  • Plan upgrades (i.e. to Premium or Enterprise) after 12th October 2021 will reflect new list price - even if you are currently on Advantaged Pricing
  • Any renewals due after 10th January 2021 are subject to FY22 advantage plan pricing.
  • Any monthly customers wanting to secure their current pricing must move to an annual plan by requesting a quote before 12th October 2021. Otherwise they may be on FY22 Advantaged Plan or New List Price
  • Again - changes after 12th October 2021 to your quote or Atlassian site will automatically delete said quote. This means a new quote will need to be generated which will reflect new pricing.
  • To see the upcoming price changes, please visit the following link

As always, we're here to help you through these changes so please reach out to work on next steps together.


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