Security scanner services for Jira: how to check your Jira Cloud projects aren't publicly visible


With cloud-based collaboration tools becoming increasingly prevalent, ensuring the security of your sensitive data has become more critical than ever. With Atlassian’s Jira serving as one of the most popular IT Service management solutions, it is vital to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities that may expose your Jira site to unauthorised access.

Building on our expertise in securing cloud environments, exemplified by our Atlassian Cloud Specialization, as well as receiving Atlassian’s Cloud Migration Partner of the Year award, we at GLiNTECH have designed the Security Scanner for Jira, a cloud-based application and service specifically created to scan Jira sites and identify any publicly accessible components. Initially built for our Managed Services' clients, due to popular demand it is now available universally for free on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Identify and Resolve Vulnerabilities

With the Security Scanner for Jira, you can effortlessly scan your Jira site for publicly accessible projects, issues, filters, and dashboards. By selecting the "Run Security Scanner" option, the scanner will conduct a comprehensive examination to detect any potential security loopholes. This proactive approach allows you to address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, safeguarding your confidential tasks and projects.

Access Comprehensive Reports

Upon completion of the security scan, you can conveniently download a detailed report of the findings. This report serves multiple purposes, from generating comprehensive audit trails to facilitating necessary remediation actions. By leveraging the insights provided by the Security Scanner for Jira, you can enhance your security measures and reinforce your overall data protection strategy.

Unmatched Support from GLiNTECH

The real value of the detailed report however comes with the deeper insights our Managed Services team provides on the report’s findings. GLiNTECH understands the importance of personalised support when it comes to security solutions. That's why we offer a dedicated Managed Services team to assist you. From within the app you can raise a support request, ensuring prompt and reliable assistance to help ensure your Jira applications are secure.

Extending Security to Confluence Content

In addition to securing Jira projects, GLiNTECH has expanded its expertise to safeguarding Confluence content. Collaboration within Confluence can also present vulnerabilities, which is why we developed the Security Scanner for Confluence. This scans your Confluence sites, detecting publicly accessible components such as spaces, pages, blogs, and attachments. Our holistic approach to security ensures that your entire cloud environment remains protected.

Unlock the Power of Security Scanner for Jira

The Security Scanner for Jira offers a comprehensive solution for identifying and resolving security vulnerabilities in your Jira projects. By leveraging GLiNTECH's expertise, you can maintain the utmost security for your cloud-based Atlassian tools. As organisations continue to embrace the cloud, the Security Scanner Services for Jira from GLiNTECH is a vital tool helping to make security vulnerabilities a thing of the past.

The Security Scanner for Jira integrates seamlessly with your Atlassian product, enabling you to download scan findings and offers extended support through our award winning Managed Services team (at a cost). To find out more, please contact our team

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