Trello vs Next Gen vs Jira Classic


Looking at project and task management tools and trying to decide between Trello, Next Gen and Jira Classic? Here is a quick chart comparing the main features.

First up, Trello. It’s a simple task management tool that allows you to set up a project in seconds, with no administrator set-up and configuration required.

Jira Next-Gen is also fast to set up, easy to configure and user-friendly. It came about as Atlassian developers wanted to combine the simplicity of Trello - namely, its design and functionality - and the power of Jira. It has the main features as Jira Classic but with fewer customisation options.

It’s the perfect choice if your team is new to Jira.

Some of its features include:

  • Single board per project
  • Simple workflows only - no admin required
  • Roadmaps

But if your team is already familiar with Jira, has a mature agile practice or more complex workflows, then Jira Classic is for you. It is the best choice for when you need consistency across multiple teams and contains a vast array of options for planning, tracking and reporting on your team’s work. Requiring an administrator to set up, it can be powerful and is highly configurable.

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