Unlocking Success with GLiNTECH's Atlassian Packages, Support and Training Services


In today's fast-paced business environment, organisations are constantly seeking efficient and effective ways to implement new technologies and optimise their workflows. When it comes to leveraging Atlassian's collaboration tools, particularly Jira, GLiNTECH offers a range of packages and award-winning training services designed to accelerate the adoption and maximise the potential of these powerful tools.

Streamlining Success with Atlassian Packages

GLiNTECH's packages are carefully crafted to provide organisations with defined outcomes or capabilities that can be delivered in a repeatable manner. These packages combine consulting, training, and managed service support, incorporating GLiNTECH's wealth of experience and best practices as intellectual property. By opting for these pre-configured packages, customers can benefit from fixed pricing that offers exceptional value compared to the cost of scoping requirements and opting for traditional consulting services.

These packages serve as a starting point, enabling organisations to expedite the initial setup process, leverage industry best practices, and significantly reduce the time spent on configuring Atlassian products from scratch. They offer a structured approach that can be customised to align with specific requirements, empowering teams to get up and running quickly.

Accelerator Packages: Unlocking Efficiency and Scalability

GLiNTECH’s engagements for Atlassian tools, such as Jira Software (JSW), Advanced Roadmaps or Jira Service Management (JSM), follow a similar process:

  1. Analysis of needs versus current processes.
  2. A desire to understand how others have tackled similar challenges.
  3. Designing a minimum viable product (MVP) solution with a backlog for future iterations.

To streamline the process of delivering these engagements, GLiNTECH has bundled its best practice know-how into Jumpstart Packages. These packages not only provide guaranteed successful outcomes, they ensure accelerated value from your Atlassian software investment. Key elements of the Packages include targeted workshops for knowledge transfer and gap analysis, a fixed price with fixed outcomes, and a fast implementation timeline. Additionally, these packages include instructor-led training sessions and walkthroughs of the software, as well as exclusive resources and documentation.

Jumpstart Packages are an excellent fit for clients who struggle to get non-fixed costs approved or who prioritise agreed outcomes upfront. They are also ideal for clients who want to kickstart their projects with an MVP as quickly as possible. Consultants can leverage the designated materials and activities provided in the packages to run the engagement effectively and create a solution that works.

Tailored Scoping for Unique Use Cases

While the Jumpstart Packages offer a standardised approach for most engagements, GLiNTECH understands that certain projects require a more customised and in-depth scoping process. For very unique or bespoke use cases and larger, more complex implementations, GLiNTECH offers tailored scoping services. The format and duration of these engagements vary based on client and consultant preferences. Time and Materials (T&M) is typically employed, with the initial scoping engagement lasting around two days and focusing primarily on requirements analysis. In these cases, training is not provided as the main focus is on understanding and defining the specific project needs.

Unlocking Potential with Award-Winning Training Services

In addition to offering comprehensive packages, GLiNTECH recognises the critical role that training plays in successful software implementation. Introducing new software, alongside new ways of working, at scale and within tight deadlines can present challenges for organisations. That's where GLiNTECH steps in with its extensive experience in implementing and deploying Atlassian tools for numerous enterprise companies.

GLiNTECH's training services are designed to enable users to get the most out of their Atlassian tools and achieve greater productivity. By partnering with clients and approaching training holistically, GLiNTECH helps organisations develop a comprehensive training strategy that aligns with their unique needs and style. This strategic approach ensures training is integrated throughout the implementation process, rather than being added as an afterthought at the project's end. As a result, organisations can unlock the full potential of their Atlassian tools and drive successful collaboration and project management initiatives.

Empowering Organisations for Success

GLiNTECH's Consulting, Training and Support services are award winning, with GLiNTECH most recently being awarded the Atlassian Partner of the Year award for Professional Services. Coupling this expertise with GLiNTECH’s flexible, client-centric approach to satisfy even the most diverse organisational needs, means your project is in good hands. GLiNTECH aim to partner with you for ongoing, long term success, helping you drive innovation and productivity within your organisation. If you're looking to maximise your Atlassian investment, speak to our team today.

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