Puppet Consulting

Puppet Consulting

We are certified Puppet Gold Partners and provide the experience and knowledge around best practice implementation and consultancy.

Puppet is a configuration management system that allows you to seamlessly control your IT infrastructure due to its ability to automatically enforce the desired state. It automates every part of the software deployment process, including the provisioning of physical and virtual machines as well as orchestration and reporting. Whether it’s the beginning of code development or at the testing, production release, and update stages of the process, Puppet has you covered.

With Puppet:

  • It frees up more time for you or your team so they can focus on your core projects that give the most business value and return on investment (ROI)
  • It helps to guarantee consistencyreliability, and stability of your IT infrastructure
  • It allows for closer collaboration and teamwork between sysadmins and developers

Increase reliability through automation

Being Gold Puppet Channel partners, GLiNTECH’s have a strong understanding of Puppet, and we know how to effectively leverage the system for your organisation’s benefit! Our tools and knowledge will allow you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. We will give you personalised services and increase your operational and IT efficiency, lower your deployment costs, save time.

Our qualified experts offer the following Puppet Services:

Where to start

Not sure where to begin? We can save you from the initial overwhelming feeling and help you start the whole process as well as where to go from there! We will make sure to discuss what you need moving forward so that you will always have a complete understanding of everything that is going on.


We can properly configure your Puppet setup and customize it to all your servers, databases and virtual machines (VMs). It is vital to fully leverage Puppet, so let us do all the complicated work for you!


Our experts are available at your convenience to help diagnose and solve any technical issues that may arise. We will make sure that your service is up and running as soon as possible!

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