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GLiNTECH can help you gain visibility into your Atlassian Licensing configuration with a licensing review from our experts. Removing the issues of duplicate or incorrect Atlassian instances, confusing renewal dates, and ensuring the right people are listed for licenses purchased can help your organisation save money and time.

Our proven Atlassian Licensing best practices include:

✓  License consolidation

✓  Extended product trials and liaising with 3rd party Marketplace vendors

✓  User and cost optimisation strategies

✓  Demand management analysis

What you can expect from Atlassian License Management with GLiNTECH

You're busy. You need to get your work done, and that means getting the right tools for the job. GLiNTECH is here to help. We're a team of experts who make it easy for you to find the best licensing solution for your business, so that you can spend more time doing what you love—and less time trying to figure out how to manage your software. We offer:

  • A free evaluation and procurement service
  • Rapid response and turn-around times from our friendly team
  • Advice on creating efficient user tiers to increase productivity and reduce costs
  • A thorough evaluation of your current set-up to identify user levels, duplications, and areas of wastage
  • Cost comparisons and a Total Cost of Ownership report
  • Easier vendor management and simplified procurement
  • Expedited requests due to our direct relationships with  Atlassian

Why select GLiNTECH as your Atlassian licensing partner?

License procurement

Acquiring Atlassian products individually can create administrative overheads. Our team can help save you time as well as keeping all your licenses current.

Co-terming expiration dates & anniversary alignment

To avoid transacting multiple times a year, we work with Atlassian aligning all your renewal dates, even arranging  transactions years in advance.

Payment terms

Looking to migrate from credit card payments to invoicing?

We work directly with your procurement team to ensure preferred payment terms.

Renewal management

Receive renewal quotes 60-90 days before renewal ensuring continuity and peace of mind.

Managed licensing

Access a designated expert Account Manager with a comprehensive understanding of your Atlassian ecosystem, helping  provide tailored advice on getting the most out of your software investment.

Preferred currency

We can transact local currencies (USD, AUD) and accept wire transfers, credit cards and purchase orders with payment terms.

We are a full service Atlassian partner, offering licensing, implementation, training, support, migration services, consulting and managed services.