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To ensure that GLiNTECH is able to provide our award-winning service to all our clients the delivery of our Advanced Managed Service is guided by our Fair Use rules detailed below. These rules seek to strike a balance between providing continuous service to our clients and ensuring our clients maximise the value they receive.

We will continue to deliver service to our clients throughout their subscription period. Based on utilisation by a client we may, as outlined below, increase the volume of service or reduce the rate at which we deliver those services.

Monthly Allowance

If the client exceeds the monthly limit for the Advanced Managed Services they have purchased in any given month, GLiNTECH may restrict the amount of services provided each day for the rest of that month, as outlined below.


A client is on Level 2. If they exceed the monthly limit of 38 hours within one calendar month, GLiNTECH may limit further service to no more than two hours per day for the remainder of the month.

Burst Up Allowance

If the client's average use of the Advanced Managed Services is 60% or less of the total monthly hours included in their purchased level over three consecutive months, GLiNTECH has the option to, at its sole discretion, increase the monthly limit to twice the included amount for the same level. This increase will be applicable for a period of time chosen by GLiNTECH.


A client is on Level 1. If their utilisation of the Advanced service for January is 4 hours, for February is 25 hours and for March is 4 hours then the average for the three months is 11 hours per month. This is less than 60% of the included hours for the month (20 hours). In April, the client’s monthly limit may now increase to 40 hours instead of 25 hours.


A client may elect to maintain their unrestricted service by upgrading to a higher level at any time. Any such upgrades will be for the remainder of the contract period and will incur additional fees.

Advanced Levels


Included hours

Monthly limit

Price per month
(purchased annually)

Limited service
(when the Monthly allowance is exceeded)


10 hours

13 hours


0.5 hour/day


20 hours

25 hours


1 hour/day


30 hours

38 hours


2 hours/day


40 hours

50 hours


2.5 hours/day

On Demand Support

Response times matter when experiencing issues with your Atlassian tools. GLiNTECH's support is backed by SLAs giving you the confidence your problems will be responded to quickly.

Business as Usual Admin

GLiNTECH Managed Services can assist with all your BAU (L1+) administration tasks for your Atlassian suite such as managing users, creating and configuring projects, and installing apps.

Application Management

GLiNTECH Managed Services can also support your power users and administrators in managing your Atlassian products by assisting with implementing workflows, system and app configuration, and building filters and reports.


When you have a question about how to get the most out of your Atlassian products, GLiNTECH Managed Services stands ready to assist. Ask questions as you need without incurring any charges.

Why choose GLiNTECH for your Atlassian managed services and support?

✓  Improved uptime and reliability: With our team handling the maintenance and updates for your Atlassian products, you can trust that your tools will be running smoothly at all times. This means less downtime and more productivity for your team.

✓  Expert support: Our team of certified experts is always available to help you with any questions or issues you may have. Whether you need assistance with a specific feature or have a technical issue, we're here to help.

✓  Cost savings: By outsourcing your Atlassian management to us, you can save on the cost of hiring and training in-house staff. This can be a significant cost savings for your organisation, freeing up resources to be used elsewhere.

✓  Customised solutions: We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer customised solutions to meet your specific needs. We'll work with you to understand your business requirements and provide solutions to optimise your workflow and increase efficiency.

We are a full service Atlassian partner, offering licensing, implementation, training, support, migration services, consulting and managed services.