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GLiNTECH is a recognised Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in Australia (with a majority of current clients located in Sydney and Melbourne). Since 2004, our specialists and consultants have helped with all kinds of client-specific requests related to Atlassian products, including:

Atlassian's award-winning agile tools are used by the GLiNTECH team every day, including:

We use these tools for collaboration, task tracking, knowledge sharing and for building and testing development projects.


As an approved Atlassian Platinum Expert partner, we know how to take Atlassian tools beyond Software Development and demonstrate how they can be applied across HR, Sales and Marketing teams to make an entire organisation more agile.

GLiNTECH have worked with many medium to large enterprises in Australia (many in the ASX Top 100) and have acquired a comprehensive understanding of many of the challenges and requirements within these organisations.