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The HipChat platform is a collaborative tool geared for today's business environment. Remotely connected work teams have become the norm in a number of organisations, and one of their main challenges is ensuring every member receives important information in a timely manner.


HipChat has many notable advantages over traditional group emails, and the platform also has secure video conferencing that ensures no inside company information could be privy to outsiders.

Enhanced Security and Privacy
Unlike standard chat rooms, Hipchat uses the same online security protocol found on many banking websites and other sites that transmit sensitive information.

  • The Hipchat platform uses 256-bit SSL encryption for each collaborative session among team members.
  • HipChat also has secure guest login protocols that allow a work team to bring in clients, third-party vendors and others with a vested interest in the project at hand.
  • Team members have complete control over the project information that gets shared with invited guest users.

Atlassian Hipchat Features and Benefits

  • Sharing various file types is easy with HipChat because the application includes quick and simple drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Team members can pull needed files from any desktop folder, from their email accounts or from their Dropbox accounts and drop them right into the open HipChat window. 
  • The platform is available as a mobile app for a number of the most popular mobile devices, which ensures all group members can access it regardless of their choice of tablet or smartphone. 
  • Each HipChat user can also customize the app to send them alerts to new chat room messages via email, text or both.

HipChat business project teams have no limits to the number of chat rooms they can create as needed. These can include separate chat rooms for clients, vendors, supervisors or anyone else relevant to a project's timely completion.

To maximize efficiency and productivity, each separate chat room is fully searchable by key phrases, member names, dates, project tasks and various other customizable search terms.

The application also keeps complete records of past chats so that any team members can pull up needed information from previous remote meetings using HipChat.

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