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Moving to Atlassian Cloud

Considering moving to Atlassian Cloud? 

The benefits of moving to the Cloud - no maintenance, scalability, new features - are well documented.

The less discussed topic is how to actually get there, particularly if you have a mature on-premise instance of Jira or Confluence.

There's often a lot of complexity involved and because Atlassian Cloud is always updating, you're trying to migrate to a moving target.

GLiNTECH can help - we've learned a lot from migrating clients of every size and type (particularly the large, complex ones, with hundreds or thousands of users!).

We can assist by pointing you in the right direction, augmenting your migration team, or just doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Whatever your preference, have a chat with us first to make sure you have the right information up front, and know the common mistakes that we see being made.


Free Cloud Migration Help

Tee-up a free session with one of our Atlassian experts to discuss the following:

  • Learn about the licence differences between Server/Data Centre versions of the products and Atlassian Cloud - we can provide you with indicative quotes too
  • We can arrange an extended trial licence to allow you to check out the Cloud at no cost
  • Get a copy of our migration success checklist, created by our migration experts on the front line
  • Get answers to burning questions about functionality, the migration process, or anything else
  • If Cloud isn't right for you right now, there are other hybrid options we can explain
  • Understand the common pitfalls that people make, and make sure you're set up for success!

Ready to get started?

Want to know how your organisation can move to the Cloud? Want to know how we've helped other organisations like yours?  

Get in touch for more information.