Advanced Planning Jumpstart Package

Advanced Planning Jumpstart Package

Do you have the visibility you need in Jira?

Can you plan and forecast your projects with confidence? Our experience suggests: probably not.

Jira is great for tracking tasks and collaborating on projects - but most users aren't enabled to harness the real of power of Jira Plans.

If your teams are using Jira, yet reporting up with spreadsheets, slide decks and stale data - this package is for you.

Let GLiNTECH jumpstart your Jira Plans journey.


Package Summary

1 - Planning Concepts Workshop

A kick-off workshop with key stakeholders (PMO, Jira PO, Delivery Managers, etc.) to establish goals and agree on the planning fundamentals.

2 - Software Training

A full-day software training course, with presentations, demonstrations and extensive hands-on lab activities.

3 - Tool analysis & configuration

A 3-day review and re-configuration of your Jira instance to accommodate planning and reporting best practice.

4 - Support on-demand

For peace of mind and to maintain momentum, our experts are available on-demand to answer questions, or tweak configuration at any time as you roll this out.

5 - Enabler workshop

Finally we run a follow up session ~4-6 weeks later to check in on progress and finalise any next steps.


At the completion of the package you will have:

  • Have a proven planning and tracking cycle aligned to your organisations needs
  • Be fully trained (15 pax) in how to configure, use and maintain the Jira Plans application
  • Have a target state project template to align team reporting
  • Have an established Jira delivery framework
  • Have your first roadmap plan created in Jira and working with a trial team
  • Have instructions for mapping your other teams on a schedule that suits you

To purchase this package, you will need:

  • Jira Plans App (version 3.x+) installed on your server or DC instance of Jira


  • Be on the Premium tier on Jira Cloud
  • Be working in an agile way

Access an established planning and tracking framework

Get the right process in place, supported and powered by Jira Plans

Get everyone on the same page

Track progress, share updates and forecast expected completion dates with confidence

Benefit from new insights into your data

Better understand your capacity, identify bottlenecks and manage dependencies

Deliver products faster and more reliably, and get everyone on the same page!

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