Agile at Scale

Our Atlassian Agile Consultants help agile teams get the most out of Jira

Agile at Scale

Enterprises face the pressure to transform rapidly and embrace true Agility, enabling their software development teams to swiftly build and iterate digital services and applications.

GLiNTECH offers highly experienced Atlassian Agile Consultants to assist in conquering the challenges encountered on the path to Agile adoption, thereby allowing you to:

  • Ensure the maintenance of Agile practices and thriving teams by sustaining long-term change even after the conclusion of training and departure of coaches.
  • Integrate Agile best practices beyond stand-up meetings and sticky notes to deliver enhanced value to the business.
  • Successfully scale Agile practices across the entire organisation to ensure team alignment, coordination, and comprehensive progress visibility.

GLiNTECH's Agile Packages

GLiNTECH’s fixed price packages are crafted through thousands of consulting hours and experience, providing value through pre-determined outcomes at a fixed price.

Jumpstart your next journey by making use of the full features and capabilities available in your Atlassian products. Our current Agile packages available include:

Advanced Planning Jumpstart Package
Advanced Planning Jumpstart Package

Jira is great for tracking tasks and collaborating on projects - but most users aren't enabled to harness the real power of Jira Plans

If your teams are using Jira, yet reporting up with spreadsheets, slide decks and stale data - this package is for you.

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Jira Product Discovery Jumpstart Package
Jira Product Discovery Jumpstart Package

This package is designed to jumpstart your understanding of Jira Product Discovery and set you up for success. Our Atlassian experts have curated this package based on extensive experience implementing best-in-class Jira solutions for clients of all types.

The outcomes are based on best practice, and the deployment is faster than traditional implementations meaning you can access the value of Product Discovery fast.

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Unlock immense opportunities by scaling Agile

Truly Agile software development teams have the capability to deliver the digital services and apps that your business requires to swiftly adapt and seize new opportunities. GLiNTECH, as experts in Agile, will assist you in unlocking these possibilities.

We will support you throughout your entire journey, starting from crafting a roadmap to implementing the software tools that will embed Agile methodologies within your teams.

As renowned experts in Atlassian software, we will ensure that your development teams embrace Agile best practices utilising Jira Software.

We will guide you in expanding Agile practices throughout your organisation by implementing Jira Align and the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), which are proven organisational and workflow patterns for deploying Agile practices at scale.

GLiNTECH’s Agile at Scale Atlassian Consulting Services

  • Tooling Readiness Assessment
  • Team-level agility with Jira Software
  • Advanced portfolio planning and forecasting with Jira Pans
  • Enterprise-wide alignment with Jira Align
  • Asynchronous ideation in Product Discovery
  • Keep in the loop across teams with Atlas
  • Jira and Plans Training

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