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Approval Automation 

Approval Tracking

Every business has activities that require approval and the line of approvals are usually determined by organisational structure with a defined hierarchy.

Activities include:- 

  • Leave requests
  • Purchases
  • Travel requests
  • And more

Why is this a problem?

Finding the right approver can be a lengthy process for the support team, taking time and delaying the request. There's also very little governance and control over who is chosen.

Automating it improves compliance, and saves time for all concerned.

Benefits of using Jira for Approval Management

  • Full visibility of what stage all requests are at - and who the bottlenecks might be!
  • Full audit trail of all requests and approvals
  • Set different approval rules for varying teams or requests
  • Build custom approval workflows for your organisation.

How can GLiNTECH help? 

We have years of experience helping organisations leverage Atlassian products for use in approval tracking and management.

Using Jira's flexible issue types and workflow engine alongside the Insight Asset Management app, we integrate your Active Directory (or other user management system) to automate all approvals.

We've learned from experience and created optimal workflows and configurations, ready for rapid deployment.

We'll also train your team to make sure you get the most from your new solution.

Ready to get started?

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