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Compliance Tracking 

Have we done everything we should?

Keeping track of and maintaining both the Company and Employee's mandatory requirements are an essential part of any business.

Ensuring all  professional development is accounted for, maintained, upgraded, and renewed when the time comes.

Requirements like:

  • Registration with professional bodies and regulators
  • Vocational certifications
  • Mandatory training and professional development
  • Contracts, insurances and agreements

Why is this a problem?

These are the requirements for you to continue operating effectively - and often legally - yet are often managed by spreadsheets and separate documents, with reliance on a single resource to keep up to date.

Manual updates are error prone, stale data is inaccurate and important deadlines can be easily missed. And as you grow, the list becomes unwieldy fast!

Simply put, spreadsheets aren't up to the job.

Benefits of using Jira for Compliance Management

  • Report on expiry and upcoming renewal dates
  • Automatically create and assign tasks for renewing certifications before they expire.
  • Query Jira for employee, contract status, number of accreditation, etc. and always know the true status
  • Manage professional development across office locations, business units and employee roles
  • Build custom workflows to manage compliance in your organisation.

How can GLiNTECH help? 

We have years of experience helping organisations leverage Atlassian products for use in compliance tracking and management.

Using Jira's flexible issue types and workflow engine alongside the Insight Asset Management app, we create a source of truth for your compliance needs.

We've learned from experience and created optimal workflows and configurations, ready for rapid deployment.

We'll also train your team to make sure you get the most from your new solution.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch for more information.