Incident Management Package

Incident Management Package


This package accelerates your Incident Management capabilities - establishing a fast, effective processes to ensure your Incidents are met with industry best practice and a reduced Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR).

This is backed up with team scheduling & alerting, service definition and automations to save everyone time.

With workshops and expert training for you team, this package accelerates your Incident management process implementation to only 3 weeks.

Deliver Value Fast

Our ITSM experts have curated this package based on extensive experience implementing best-in-class JSM solutions for clients of all types.

The outcomes are based on industry best practice, and the deployment is faster than traditional implementations meaning you can access the value of JSM fast.

Make sure you get your implementation right, first time - and establish a solid foundation for service excellence.

✓ Centralise all alerts

Aggregate incoming alerts and signals from all your monitoring, service desk and logging applications.

✓ Categorise and prioritise issues

Automatically reduce noise and surface the most important issues to the right team.

✓ Ensure critical issues are never missed

Notify the right people using powerful routing rules and multiple communication channels including SMS, email, push notifications, chat and voice calls.


Package Summary

1 - Incident Management Workshop

A kick-off workshop with key stakeholders (Service Desk Manager, Agents, etc.) to establish goals, understand pain-points and define your Incident response.

2 - Software Training

A full-day software training course, with presentations, demonstrations and extensive hands-on lab activities.

3 - Tool analysis & configuration

A 3-day implementation of your Incident response process, including configuration and setup of Opsgenie, and linking to your existing portal and agent view with configuration best practice.

4 - Support on-demand

For peace of mind and to maintain momentum, our experts are available on-demand to answer questions, or tweak configuration at any time as you roll this out.

5 - Enabler workshop

A review and handover of your new Incident process, with a roadmap for continuing your service management maturity.


At the completion of the package you will have:

  • A defined and implemented Major Incident catalogue & process
  • Configured services and dependencies
  • Opsgeneie Teams configured
  • Alerting, on-call scheduling & routing requirements documented and configured
  • Configured dashboard and reports to monitor success

To purchase this package, you will need:

  • Be on the Premium tier on Jira Cloud


  • Have a JSM licence for Jira Data Center
  • Have a separate Opsgenie licence

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