IT Service Management

Accelerate your ITSM transformation

IT Service Management

Looking for a modern, cost-effective IT service management solution that can scale with your business?

GLiNTECH is an ITSM Specialized Atlassian Partner

GLiNTECH is an Australian leader in Jira Service Management services and recently achieved Atlassian ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) Specialization; a significant milestone that highlights GLiNTECH's expertise and proficiency in helping customers improve their service management operations' capabilities with Atlassian's Jira Service Management.

Modernising your organisations’ digital services, apps, or devices? You also need to ensure your IT teams can keep up and support those vital resources. From asset management, improving service delivery requests, and ensuring your business can configure and build robust ITSM frameworks, GLiNTECH can help you meet the challenge and transform your IT service management with Jira.

Build high-velocity teams

Ensure your operations, support, and other IT teams collaborate effectively and deliver rapid responses to users

Adopt best practices in IT services

Align your IT services with the business and provide great customer and employee experiences

Business transformation success

Accelerate adoption of new apps across your organisation and ensure business teams make the most of new technology

Our ITSM packages

ITSM Accelerator Package

Designed for those new-or-novice users of Jira Service Management, this package kickstarts your JSM journey - establishing a JSM project with user portal containing your required request types.

This is backed up with agent queues, linked SLA's to help you prioritise work, a connected knowledge base to support users and applied automations to increase efficiency.

With workshops and expert training for you team, this package accelerates your JSM implementation to only 2 weeks.

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Incident Management Package

This package accelerates your Incident Management capabilities - establishing a fast, effective processes to ensure your Incidents are met with industry best practice and a reduced Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR).

This is backed up with team scheduling & alerting, service definition and automations to save everyone time.

With workshops and expert training for you team, this package accelerates your Incident management process implementation to only 3 weeks.

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Realise the full value of your Atlassian investments

Deliver the IT services your customers and employees need and expect with a modern ITSM system GLiNTECH’s ITSM packages can help unlock the full potential of your technology investments and help accelerate your IT services transformation with Atlassian's Jira.

✓ We can guide you through every stage of your Atlassian Jira Service Management implementation, from project scoping to deployment and data migration.

✓ Our experts will help you bridge the gap between processes and tools, unlocking the power of Atlassian’s Jira Service Management.

✓ We’ll help your IT operations, support, and other technical and business teams get up to speed and deliver great user experiences.

Jira Service Management

Assets for Jira Service Management

Incident Management with Opsgenie

Statuspage for communications

Services our ITSM team offers

✓ Project scoping

✓ Jira Service Management deployment

✓ Data migration

✓ Practitioner and administrator training

✓ Enterprise service management

Deep industry expertise

With our dedicated ITSM team, our teams brings many years of experience deploying service management tools and practices across industries ensuring your business is set up for ITSM success.

We are a full service Atlassian partner, offering licensing, implementation, training, support, migration services, consulting and managed services.

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