ITSM Accelerator Package

ITSM Accelerator Package

Kickstart your ITSM journey

Jira’s Cloud’s powerful features can empower any organisation to excel at Enterprise Service Management - but knowing how to implement and harness the full suite of capabilities can be daunting.

Jira Service Management is designed for flexibility; adapting to any company’s scale and process. But this requires knowledge of which features and configurations to deploy, and skill to best align it to industry best-practice.

Jira’s out-the-box templates help get you started, but the additional configuration can take months, with trial-and-error making it worse for those new to the tool.

GLiNTECH’s ITSM Accelerator Package has been designed for those keen to harness the benefits of Atlassian Cloud, without the painful change process creating additional problems.

It’s been curated by GLiNTECH’s Atlassian and ITSM experts, with features curated from the ‘most wanted’ list of our Enterprise clients. It’s designed to provide all the functionality you need to effectively manage your IT Services (and more) from day 1, with minimum fuss.


A ready to go ITSM solution, based on industry best practice - with accelerated delivery: you’ll have the below ITSM capabilities in only 2 weeks.


  • Out-the-box JSM & Assets takes months to configure properly.
  • Most people have neither the time nor expertise to do this successfully.
  • We created this package because so many users had the same problems


  • We inject all the required structure, workflows, automation and more (via GLiNTECH’s own Asset Configurator app).


Package Summary

1 - Analysis & Enablement Workshops

Two structured workshops with key stakeholders (Service Desk Manager, Agents, etc.) to confirm outcomes, understand pain-points, outline target design. The enablement workshop provides a full handover and of your new, optimised JSM and Assets project.

2 - Configuration Import & Setup

Using GLiNTECH’s Asset Configurator app, we import all the schema’s, object types, attributes and automations you need for robust ITSM practices. Your consultants use the information gathered during the workshops, along with to configure and customise your implementation appropriately.

3 - Software Training

A full-day software training course, with presentations, demonstrations and extensive hands-on lab activities. This enables your team to understand and leverage the power of all new JSM Cloud features.

4 - Support on-demand

For peace of mind and to maintain momentum, our experts are available on-demand to answer questions, or tweak configuration at any time as you roll this out.

5 - Additional Services

Every organisation is unique, so we have experts available to help with Integrations, customisations, or anything else you need to incorporate JSM into daily use.

What does the package offer vs JSM ‘out-the-box’?

While out-the-box templates offer a variety of generic screens and workflows to get started, there is significant effort required to become ‘enterprise ready’.

As leaders in this space, GLiNTECH created the ITSM Accelerator package to help users expedite their Atlassian ITSM maturity, with the confidence of knowing they align to industry best practice.

The package deploys a number of additional features and capabilities to successfully manage a busy request portal.

These provide:

  • Speed and accuracy - reducing the need for tacit knowledge or back-and-forth questioning
  • Increased visibility - relevant contextual and historical details are surfaced on tickets, providing insight when it matters
  • More robust services - better incident and change processes; reduced time to resolution and powerful automations mean increased service quality for all

JSM’s powerful features provide a significant ROI to IT and Service teams; this package is designed to fast-track that value.

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