Jira Product Discovery Jumpstart Package

Jira Product Discovery Jumpstart Package


Jira Product Discovery provides a dedicated place for the ideation process to happen asynchronously before committing to work, removing unnecessary noise and bloated backlogs from Jira.

Submit ideas, collect insights, calculate scoring metrics and gather stakeholder feedback, all in a single tool that seamlessly connects to your Atlassian stack.

Track your ideas through to delivery and always report on the most up-to-date information. Transition from reactive decision-making to proactive and continuous validation of what to work on and why while maintaining complete transparency.

This package is designed to jumpstart your understanding of Jira Product Discovery and set you up for success.

It's been curated following our experience working with hundreds of product teams over the years in conjunction with our expertise in the Atlassian toolset.

Deliver Value Fast

Our Atlassian experts have curated this package based on extensive experience implementing best-in-class Jira solutions for clients of all types.

The outcomes are based on best practice, and the deployment is faster than traditional implementations meaning you can access the value of Product Discovery fast.

Make sure you get your JPD implementation right, first time - and establish a solid foundation for ideation excellence!

  • Bring structure to the ideation process

Bring ideas to life by gathering data and insights that help your team prioritise what will make the most impact.

  • Get everyone on the same page

Custom views and roadmaps give your stakeholders the what, the when and the why.

  • Bridge the gap to Jira Software

Bring business and tech teams together by connecting product ideas here to the delivery work happening in Jira Software.


Package Summary

1 - Ideation Lifecycle Workshop

A kick-off workshop with key stakeholders to understand outcomes and set the foundation for optimal use of the tool.

2 - Software Training Session

A software training course to ensure you can leverage the full power of JPD, with presentations, demonstrations and hands-on lab activities.

3 - Tool analysis & configuration

2-day configuration engagement of your Jira Product Discovery instance to accommodate ideation, prioritisation and reporting requirements.

4 - Support on-demand

For peace of mind and to maintain momentum, our experts are available on-demand to answer questions, or tweak configuration at any time as you roll this out.

5 - Enabler workshop

Finally we run a follow up session ~3-4 weeks later to check for success, answer any questions and finalise any next steps.


At the completion of the package you will have:

  • Have a defined ideation process aligned to your organisations needs
  • Have Jira Product Discovery configured to your process, with seamless integration into your Jira Software teams
  • Be fully trained in how to configure, use and maintain Jira Product Discovery and relevant integrations
  • Build your first ideation and stakeholders views in Jira Product Discovery
  • Have customised guides outlining your configuration to enable you to manage JPD going forward

To purchase this package, you will need:

  • Be using (or prepared to use) Jira Product Discovery on Atlassian Cloud
  • Be on the Standard or Premium tier on Jira Software Cloud (for integration)

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