Jira Work Management

Manage Your Work Better With Jira Work Management

Jira Work Management

Jira Work Management is an intuitive project management and task tracking tool designed for teams of all types (think HR, Finance, Marketing, Legal) to effortlessly collaborate, deliver and report - all in a single, easy to use interface.

It’s the only work management solution on the market that offers both the flexibility of customised workflows andthe ability to unlock seamless collaboration with technical teams in Jira Software through purpose-built features like shared calendars, connected workflows, and cross-functional roadmaps. JWM also integrates seamlessly across your entire Atlassian stack with tools such as Confluence, Atlas and Trello, making it easier than ever to find the information that matters most.

Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, Jira Work Management provides the flexibility and scalability needed to effectively plan, track, and deliver projects with ease.

Why Jira Work Management?

Intuitive and user-friendly, yet integrated with your entire Atlassian stack

Powerful yet effortless work management tool for business teams that integrates with Jira Software, Confluence, Atlas and Trello

Pre-built Project Templates informed by various industry experts

Atlassian have already done the hard work for you with over 25 Project Templates available to get you up and running quickly

Data visualisation and straightforward reporting across teams

Give your teams the power to visualise and interact with their data in views such as Kanban boards, lists, timelines, calendars and dashboards


Jira Work Management is simple but not basic as it harnesses all of the power of Jira, with features such as:

✓ Automations

✓ Workflows

✓ Flexible Permissions

✓ Project Templates

✓ Bespoke Issue Types

✓ Kanban Boards

✓ List

✓Custom Fields


✓Timeline view

✓Calendar View



(-) Atlassian Intelligence (coming soon)

Is Jira Work Management the right solution for you?

  • Looking for a straightforward, user-friendly work management solution
    • You can start using this tool quickly with minimal training required
    • Built with non-technical teams in mind - from easy to understand views to an attractive interface - JWM truly is for everyone
  • Spreadsheet lovers rejoice
    • Keeping spreadsheets up to date and shared across teams can be tedious, whereas with JWM’s List View your teams get back to a single source of truth in a familiar and interactive table
    • In addition, users can benefit from the many other views JWM has to offer such as Kanban boards, Gantt charts and Calendars
  • Tackling software sprawl and disconnect across teams
    • With so many SaaS tools on the market, it’s easy to lose control of who is doing what and where
    • JWM solves this for you by bringing your business teams onto the same platform as your technical teams in Jira Software and Jira Service Management
    • Uniting your teams on a single platform can not only help cut down on the bills, but it enables your teams to use a fit-for-purpose solution that all speak the same language, resulting in enhanced visibility and reporting across teams of all types

How can GLiNTECH help?

With our expertise, we can get your teams up and running quickly in a way that we know not only works, but you can scale with for years to come ensuring best practice is instilled from the get go.

1 - Analysis & Enablment Workshops

At GLiNTECH, we believe in being led by your processes over tool capabilities. We’ll kick off your engagement with facilitated workshops to get an in-depth understanding of your requirements and ensure we design an optimal solution for your teams.

2 - Configuration & Setup

From there, your GLiNTECH consultant will get started implementing your solution while keeping you informed every step of the way.

3 - Software Training & Best Practice

With all transformations, training is integral to the long term success of adopting new tools. Our certified Atlassian trainers will provide a hands-on training experience ensuring your teams can get the most out of JWM from the start.

4 - Support On-demand

For peace of mind and to maintain momentum, our Managed Services team are available on-demand to answer questions, or tweak configuration at any time as you roll this out.

5 - Additional Services

As a full-service Atlassian Platinum Partner, GLiNTECH are leading experts in providing holistic support across your entire Atlassian stack.

From licensing and adopting new tools, to complex customisations and integrations, we can be there to support you every step of the way.

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