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Enterprise Training

Software training doesn't need to be boring

The success of any technology project is determined by the final user adoption of the tool. But often, the training and enabling piece of the project is forgotten, or rushed through as an afterthought.

By effectively training users to leverage the power of your software tools, you enable them to get more done, more efficiently and more effectively than before.

This can be difficult for large enterprise companies, where scale, budget and ownership issues can present certain challenges.

This is where GLiNTECH can help, with extensive experience in creating multi-strand training strategies tailored to an enterprise client’s unique needs.

We provide training that scales as required. We contextualise the content to align with your ways of working, making sure the right terminology and processes are embedded in the material.

We also recognise that effective training is not just a one-off event, it requires an ongoing strategy that evolves with time.

That’s why we partner with you to provide consultative workshops enabling clients to provide effective internal training if required. These ‘train the trainer’ style sessions allow you to develop internal resources leveraging our industry best practice experience.




GLiNTECH specialises in the following enterprise offerings:

  • Change management - everything you need for a successful software roll-out

  • Scaling - training that grows with you, from effective onboarding to embedding new ways of working

  • Presentations - for all audiences; from large groups of end-users to the senior leadership team

  • Hands-on labs - Customised activities for those requiring a higher-touch

  • Consultative workshops - learn how to create training programs that last in our ‘train the trainer’ sessions

  • Best practice - get advice on creating effective training resources

  • Training strategy - consultation on all elements of training to ensure success


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